• Meeting point : Hôtel de Salm, 2, rue de la Légion d'honneur 75007

  • Length : 1h30

  • Highlights : Hôtel de Salm, Institut de France, Le Procope, Odéon

  • Group size : Visit confirmed starting at 4 participants

  • Location : 7ème / Saint-Germain

  • Price : €20.00

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A little more than a decade separates the French Revolution from the American Revolution. The ideological underpinning of both revolutions can be found in the ideas of Voltaire and Montesquieu, whose footsteps can be followed along the streets of Paris.

The Founding Fathers walked in their tracks when they arrived in Paris after the signing of the Declaration of Independence. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin and John Adams are three figures you will encounter on the American Revolutionary Walking Tour. These Francophiles made Paris their home as they pleaded for the revolutionary cause. Marquis de Lafayette, an ardent admirer of the American nation, famously enlisted in the revolutionary army.

In the second part of this tour you will visit places like the Café Procope which marked the history of the French Revolution and discover figures like Thomas Paine who were pivotal to both revolutions.

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